Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tattoos and Self Adoration

Time for a blog rename! It's been time - for a long time. I never really intended on the 'Staci's Random Rants' name. Ever. But, when it came to starting a blog, I couldn't think of anything. Anything at all. I tend to rant. A lot. But, it turns out that when I sit down to write, I don't rant. Oh, some posts are angry. And, some are sappy. And, yet some, I hope, are funny. My favorite posts are written quickly. Post Bourbon. I'll never tell.

But, until today, I still hadn't been able to think of a new name. I had sort of given up. But then...

In a conversation today, my friend, Tracey, described the 21st century as 'tattoos and self adoration' -  in response to my NEED of the new iPhone. It has a better front facing camera for selfies.

Awesome selfie. Bad t-shirt choice for visiting Denver.
Here's the thing about selfies... I've been taking them forever. I was awesome at it with a camera. Real one. You know, the kind that use film? And, I was pretty good at it when phones just had one camera. But, it was like they were speaking directly to me when they added the front facing camera a few years ago. They said something about video conferencing in the sales pitch - but, we all know they're for selfies.

Because, me.

I wouldn't say I'm a total narcissist. In fact, I think that word gets thrown around a little too much. It's losing its true meaning. Like literally. Literally. But, I'm a medium narcissist, if there is a measurement. So, yes, I'm a fan of myself. I adore myself. I'm adorable for crying out loud! And, if you don't agree, it's just because you don't know me well enough. Or, I don't like you. I'll never tell.

Then on to the tattoo front. Well, there is an awesome story there. Stars the same good friend. Plus my other favorite cast of characters. But, that's for another post.

Anchor on the achilles. Ouch.
Once you get one, you can't stop. It's something in the ink.

So, I'll keep on adoring myself and getting inked.

(Did you hear that? It was my mother screaming.)

And, I'll try to write an occasional post under the new blog name. Most likely staring me.

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